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pCODR Patient Input and Feedback

CADTH’s  pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review (pCODR) undertakes rigorous, objective reviews of cancer drugs and provides funding recommendations to Canada’s provinces and territories (except Quebec). The funders use this information as one element of their decision-making process to determine if a drug will be eligible for public reimbursement.

pCODR takes into account evidence from a number of sources, including patient groups, drug manufacturers, clinician-based tumour groups, and the pCODR Provincial Advisory Group.

This section of is devoted to collecting patient group input to ensure that issues important to patients are incorporated into the pCODR process in a formal and meaningful way. The input is used by the pCODR Expert Review Committee (PERC) — a CADTH advisory body — to make funding recommendations.

As a starting point, patient groups may wish to consult our Patient Engagement Guide to determine eligibility to participate and to understand what is involved. Then visit the Registration page. It is necessary to register prior to submitting input or feedback. This will provide access to a secure Submit and Contribute page and enable the electronic delivery of documents to CADTH.

The other pages in this section provide information and tools to help make contributions effectively and smoothly, and to track the progress of pCODR reviews.

If you represent a drug manufacturer wishing to submit a drug for pCODR review, please visit the section entitled Submit a Drug for pCODR Review. If you are not a representative of a patient group but are still interested in contributing to CADTH’s work, you can find opportunities to do so on the CADTH Stakeholder Feedback page.