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Reprocessing Single-Use Medical Devices in Canada

Last updated: February 28, 2008
Project Number: 334
Issue: 104
Result type: Report

CADTH's two-part health technology assessment report series on reprocessing of Single-Use Devices (SUDs) addresses concerns about possible risks to patients of infection or other complications, legal liability issues, and uncertainties regarding cost-effectiveness. The first report summarizes findings from a Canadian survey of acute-care hospitals on SUD reprocessing practices. The second report examines clinical and cost-effectiveness of reprocessing SUDs, as well as legal, ethical and psychosocial issues.


  • Research Highlights
    (Key findings for policy makers, administrators, and health care providers,
  • Technology Overview Reprocessing of Single-Use Medical Devices in Canada
    (Summary of both Technology Reports, 13 pages)


These complete Technology Reports have been extensively peer-reviewed by internal staff, and by external clinical and methodological experts.

Reprocessing of Single-Use Medical Devices: National Survey of Canadian Acute-Care Hospitals

Reprocessing of Single-Use Medical Devices: Clinical, Economic, and Health Services Impact